Well, back in the woods! That was QUICK!!! So his X is still his friend on FB – the comment I received inquiring about that one was So what, his X-wife is one too, not a big deal. K, I agree, social networks for some people aren’t. They aren’t that for me either, but I still kicked my X from my friend’s list – why would he be there?!!

So I was going through the updates on friends’ activity on FB (the strip in the right-hand top part of your page) and what do I see there?!!! Him commenting on a picture of her with the STUPID CAT going: “Mommy and Kitty!!!” which made my blood boil. THAT’S NOT COOL! Now when I looked closer, I realized it was taken on his balcony!!! I knew she picked up the cat last Sunday or Saturday, whatever, she only posted the pic on Tuesday, but that’s not the point! The point is WTF!!! My suspicion is now in full bloom!


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