Some nice memories before bedtime

G. fed me cake with a fork – have never been fed before (as a grownup, that is) – quite enjoyed it.

Which reminded me of another cute thing – few days back when we were discussing my memory loss and I said that if it keeps deteriorating at this pace, I may not remember how to eat ten years from now, he responded that he’ll be spoon feeding me ^_^

Yesterday he took my hand for the first time when we were walking from the restaurant saying that this way he wouldn’t be walking too fast for me (a complaint from before) – I just dismissed that one and said it was quite nice to be doing that.

Called me his girl too.

That being said I still haven’t heard from him since seven, it’s past ten now, I would hope he’d at least text me good night before my bedtime… And it’s not jealousy as my girlfriend suggested, it’s frigging trust and self-esteem issues. Ugh! Hate those! So I’ll reread the three paragraphs before and go to bed.


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