Dutch Buddy update

I told him about G.! Well, didn’t exactly tell him it’s G., just said I was seeing somebody. Cuz he made me mad – we texted and it was the regular – some flirting, some buddy talk, then I asked if we were going out for drinks and when. He replied with a perhaps maybe crap. I said he didn’t need to worry that I was hitting on him as I was seing somebody. And that we could also totally do coffee instead of drinks too!

He said it was great I had found someone and started asking who the New Beau was (LOL I can imagine G.’s reaction to the term!). Also scared me a bit asking if it was the nice smelling guy from work – for a second I thought he somehow figured out it was G., but turned out he referred to a conversation about a guy from my new work we had at some point.

All I said was that it was someone I knew for some time and that when he expressed interest, I decided to give it a try, so far so good. Then he asked me to resend him the BBM invite from earlier. Yesterday night he accepted and we had a totally buddies chat – exchanged kids pics, discussed weekend plans, nothing flirty at all! And I must say I guess I am a flirt, I miss that! 😀


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