Test test test!

So we agreed we would get together today. He messaged me today suggesting we do a light lunch at 12:30 and that he couldn’t really do a lot since he had to be home by four. I asked if it was football, he said yes. I asked if I could watch with him, he said someday I could, but it’s his traditional downtime. He doesn’t even like to watch FB with guys. I said I totally understood and didn’t mean to be a pest, just wanted to get to know his hobby.

Now there is this scratching thing in the back of my head. We are getting together in a public place. Not our regular one either. By the sound of it last night he wanted to do something together at his place. Is it S. scenario all over again? Getting ditch in a meeting after the second sex date? The only thing I am glad about is that I only have to wait for two hours to know for sure. And I ban myself from thinking about it any longer. Whatever comes comes, I cannot influence it by overthinking it.


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