Some memories from last night

They’re resurfacing. From under a huge layer of embarrassment and another layer of hangover fog that hides most of last night. Fancy picture, I know. Thus the guilt.

I was asking him hard questions. Like I was demanding or something. Which I hope I didn’t overdo. But I needed to know at the same time – my tone probably wasn’t the best, but I had some wine by then. Why did he lie about the silly cat? First he said he adopted the pet, then he said it was his X’s pet. Now he said he didn’t want to refer to “us” like in him and her when telling the cat story. And that I had every right to ask that too. Then I got carried away and asked why his X was still his friend on FB with him. That I didn’t get a clear answer to – or an answer that would make sense to me I guess. He went something along the lines of why not – and that his X wife was his FB friend too – so not-a-big-deal kind of response. Maybe it isn’t for him – after all, he has over 300 friends on there and hardly ever posts anything. So I am not going to overthink it, just leave it here for my pile of memories to go through in case I need it.

As a side note and breaking the do-not-overthink right there and now – there is something about this most recent X story that makes me doubt he told it all to me as it really was. The ending I mean. But I’ll just close that door for now and won’t spend too much time on it. After all, it’s part of the past, not the future. If we want to try to share the future, we need to leave the past behind, not keep going back to it. Doesn’t mean we’ll succeed in sharing the future, just gives it a better chance at that.


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