Overreaction it is… I guess

Pinged him after five. He called me Darlin, asked me how I was doing and sent me a hugging smiley. Also answered with an “I was going to” when I asked if he would call me before he leaves for his party. Now I just need to find something to fill time between now and whenever before eight (party time) he calls. Chewing my own fingers off doesn’t seem like a good pastime, but so far it’s the only one I can get enough concentration for. Crazy gal! I also made a list of things I want to tell him. I cannot afford to not say them, I am too freaked out. It’s not a long list, really, just want to clarify something about why I got so drunk (no food!) and explain about the gross thing that was all huge misunderstanding between myself and my body. 😦


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