Being notorious for my overreaction…

I am blogging instead of messaging G. I said NO MESSAGING!!!

So the date yesterday didn’t go exactly as I would have expected. In part where I drank as much wine as I was used to during the vacation, but only ate few snacks. That in turn lead to an unfortunate loss of control and good judgement. I remember most of the evening (or so I hope), I didn’t say anything bad, so that’s good. However, I did something gross, which I hope didn’t freak out G. completely. (No details, but it wasn’t throwing up on his favourite carpet or anything like that, but still quite bad).

This morning we messaged back and forth over three hours period – just chatter at first, then I apologized for not being on my best behavior last night, he said I did well, sent some kissing smileys during the exchange too. I also said I had lots of fun, no response to that. We’ve discussed how good it felt to nap together (we did – and moreover, we fell asleep for about three hours, I went home at two in the morning).

And then nothing. Haven’t heard from him for over three hours now – I hope he’s busy and not just not talking to me because of yesterday. We also said earlier this week that we’d get together on Sunday too (he has a stag to go to tonight) – but haven’t defined details of where and when –  I hope he doesn’t cancel. But I AM freaking out – cause if anything, this was totally my fuckup!


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