And I messaged

After over four hours I’ve decided I’ll be too freaked out soon and pinged him. He replied, all seems to be good. Now he went for a nap, told me he’d text me afterwards.

Update on that: I saw him online on FB during the supposed nap. Crap, crap, crap!!! He may have changed his mind about the nap, sure, but also may not have wanted to chat with me any longer too.

I was thinking some more – what bugs me somewhat is whereas he declared he wanted to make this, us work, he sometimes doesn’t act like that. I also should be reminding myself that he is very recently out of a longer-lasting relationship, cannot expect him to exactly dive into the new one. But my, does it sound like S. situation where I felt something was off, but I kept coming up with explanations and excuses!!! I hope this time I am wrong or if I am not, I’ll be able to make amends, after all, dating is like dancing – one misstep is not necessarily end of the whole dance!

I was also able to impress him with knowledge of his favourite music, which is a score for me, isn’t it?!


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