And it’s not until Friday

Also I asked. Trying to sound as cool as possible, hope it worked. Friday and Sunday afternoon he said. Guess by the tone of my voice when I said something like “Sure, that works!” he picked up that something was amiss – cause he went on adding “If that works for you. And I have a stag to go to on Saturday”. I decided not to go the needy path of “I just thought we could meet earlier in the week” and said that all was good and the two days worked for me.

I texted a girlfriend immediately after suggesting a dinner tonight. She accepted. She also asked me somewhat out of blue if I were losing interest in G. – and now I wonder if there is something she knows about him (she works at the same place)… I’ll be totally asking her tonight! But on the other hand she was saying she was happy for me and that this hopefully works out – so I guess she just misunderstood one of my texts, not that there is something she’s about to drop on my head tonight.

I also texted the Dutch Buddy – he complained he still hasn’t received the promised pics of two [my nationality] hotties from my vacation. I tried sending some – it didn’t go through. He whined it was a letdown. I replied that he would have to drag his ass to a bar now to see the pics on my phone, sucked to be him. Also said I might find a spot for him in my busy social schedule. He replied that I should. Also told him this week was catching up with girlfriends and chores. Now wondering which one G. falls under, exactly.


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