Back on air

The “issue” from the previous post was resolved pretty easily – I had to eat. The moment I swallowed down a plateful of whatever, I felt my own self, not the grumpy bitch from earlier.

I am currently in Europe, having the time of my life with a girlfriend from forever. I also text with G. throughout the day (my day, his mornings) and we call every night too. Last night we’ve chatted for half an hour, I am glad I paid for the roaming upgrade that allows me not to arrive home to a triple digit cell bill. G. actually looks up places I am telling him about and tells me what he thinks. He also is quite honest about it – like when he said he had an idea of a place before, but it turned out to be totally wrong.

He also manages to show his caring in texts – like when he was concerned about the headache I mentioned and told me to drink more water. Sooo nice to feel that!

And another sweet quote to add to my collection – “Off to bed, night night. I want sweet dreams of you. I do miss you. Can’t get you outta my head” – I didn’t even bite his head off for waking me up with it at half past twelve Europe time. Just told him the following day that next time he should do the plus six math in his head. Don’t want my girlfriend to suffer either.


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