Lengthy update

I didn’t realize I left my blog at that gloomy note!

G. and I went out on Friday, for an hour only, but still, we had a nice friendly chat, he also said if he hadn’t been elbow deep in a piece of equipment when I texted him, he would be jumping on the phone to say yes to my drinks invite. I also asked him if this wasn’t a rebound for him, absolutely not – was his answer. He texted me later that night, saying again it wasn’t a rebound, he was taking things slow and that’s why he said he was worried about the kiss on Tuesday. (He even remembered what day of week it was! I didn’t!).

I was away Friday night through early Sunday morning, we were texting now and then, he was telling me few times how happy he was for me – as I seemed to having be great time (I was!), which was very nice of him I found. I also had a call with him, making arrangements for today’s date, sitting in the street shoe-less (long story), having a smoke and getting my picture taken by some tourist lady for like twenty times. At eight pm, being somewhat drunk, I decided to follow my own advice and not drink and text – so I texted him wishing him good night and intending it to be my last message for the night. Smart not-so-drunk girl as I were.

But then I had two more beers, and stopped being smart. So when I boarded the bus back home, I texted him: “On my bus back home. All’s good ml. See you tomorrow Hun, sweet dreams :*” He answered with two kissing smileys. That’s when I actually even noticed the ml part!!! I couldn’t tell (and still cannot!), what I was trying to type. But WTF?!! I mean, it’s sweet I guess, but totally unintended.

This morning we were discussing where we were going and he first suggested the place I went to with the teacher guy and where that creep took me for a hooker. G. forgot about that story, so we changed for the same pub again. It is a nice place, so I don’t mind. We also went for a walk, chatting and enjoying the nice weather and each other’s company. Totally friendly again – no holding hands or whatnot. Which I grew to appreciate actually. Not that I would mind otherwise, but I am OK with either.

Then we were saying goodbyes, he asked me out this Thursday, we kissed and hugged, and some time after I let go, I saw a guy from work right there, behind G.’s back! Saying hi. :)) I am not sure if he saw the kiss or the hug (he came out of bushes that may have closed us from view), but the fact we were together on a Sunday, me wearing very short shorts, standing next to my car – was good enough to start a rumor. G.’s face went quite red, it was cute.

He later texted wondering what the guy would tell him tomorrow. I said he might ask for advice about girls. The renown womanizer he is. He started telling me how he wasn’t and that when this colleague of ours (my girlfriend) said that about him, she must have had referred to the fact that he chose to stay single for the most time he’s been in town. I told him that I knew why she said so well enough, and that I may one day tell him. (That was actually her response to my statement that G. was gay!!! LOL!)


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