Keep it going, cha-cha-cha

When the same colleague told G. that he looked embarrassed with me sitting right next to her, I think he strained – and I wonder if for a minute he thought I told her something (which he is well aware I would not have done in a lifetime) or else he has a reason to feel embarrassed around me… I finally explained that she was in fact referring to his red face.

So now that I am still not getting many texts from him (which is somewhat unusual, but not worrisome yet) and him playing cool again and not trying to have short chats with me the way he did last Friday, I texted J. We exchanged few texts, that’s all, but it made me feel more secure, no landslide at my feet feeling. I refuse to get anywhere close to that area this time around – if G. believes I am too crazy, or too classy or too young or too whatever for him, it’s his problem, I am not changing for a guy.

And since I initiated most of the texting conversation today, I am waiting for his move, passenger seat and cha-cha-cha!


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