C. guy

So the show begins! I met with this guy from Match – he’s actually same age as G. (give or take) – so outside of my age range. Also I somehow missed it that he only has some college education – I usually don’t reply to guys without at least full college education. He, like G., has tattoos, even more than G., he too, has two kids – 21 and 23, but that’s not all – they both work in automotive on the shop floor!  So I basically found myself with another version of G.! The only difference – C. is more of my type – in looks that is – tall, blue eyed and athletic.

I wanted to make it a one hour date – but we’ve spent almost two hours – and I like it that he is very open, straight and easygoing, he made lots of contributions to the conversation, I didn’t have to force it into going. I pretty much enjoyed his company.

Shortly after he told me in a text that he liked me a lot, he enjoyed my company, that I was very pretty and he is looking forward to seeing me again.

For now looks or no G. still holds the first rank on my list (in process of filling it as you can see) – there is this sweetness about him, and some I dunno sadness and vulnerability that I may be imagining – time will show – but they attract me, he also was there for me in my dark hour, that costs a lot, and he’s more of a gentleman in his ways. So yep, definitely favourite.


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