New developments here

OK, I totally need new tags and that’s a good thing I guess.

But first of all – touchpads on laptops are evil!!! 😡 My mom somehow managed to disable mine and it took me awhile to fix it.

Now, what do I call the new development guy? Hmm, shall I call him by a made-up name, like I did with Andrew? Or shall I call him by the first letter of his real name, like I did with S.? Neither seemed to bring me any luck, but I am not that superstitious either.

Anyhow, let’s call him New Buddy for now. The New Buddy works for the Dutch buddy – he’s one of the two supervisors. And he’s a funny, hard-rock and Queen loving guy who was joking around with me now and then whenever we were getting coffee at the same time, or happened to meet on the floor or elsewhere. Kind of work buddy setting.

Then we became friends on FB and he was quite supportive when I ranted about my X and how he was creating trouble for me, but totally in a friendly way – he was all about how I was a good soul and how my X sounded nasty and that kind of thing.

Then he made some comments teasing me about a selfie I posted and apologized for it – again, totally friendly and making a comment at some point that he knew what it felt like when one had a makeup running issue. I got curious at that point, and when I on his FB where he said that he was listening to Queen and somebody replied with an “old gay” I thought I got it – makeup and Queen put him into the gay pool and I dismissed the whole thing.

So when we exchanged comments later on, I lowered my guard and made some comments that I would not have – had I known the guy was straight, like in discussing my plans for the weekend I said that beer and sex might have been a better option than what I had in mind, but I had to go with what I got. Not my kind of FB discussion in general.

After the breakup I whined to him – just like I did to a few more people – of how life was unfair and sucked at times. He told me he’s been betrayed by someone and single for three months and that I could text him – giving me his number. And we texted since, he’s been VERY supportive of me telling me how it was S.’s loss and so on and so forth. Honestly, I was still clueless.

Then in a personal chat we had over a smoke (I smoked cigarillos at work last week as a mean of calming myself down) we discussed my breakup in details, we texted some more and he suggested that we should go out for drinks after work sometime. I gladly accepted. Then said we could go out next Tuesday – which happens to be my birthday. He said the drinks would be on him in that case.

Now we texted again – he again offered drinks – this weekend sometime though – as it happens to be his days off. I said sure, Friday or any day on the weekend worked. He in turn suggested we upgrade it to a dinner at a fancy grill place. That caught me totally off-guard! I went “Wait, what?!!!” in my mind. At this point I also noticed that he left my remark of me returning to the dating site completely ignored. And I remembered his remark on how I didn’t need any guides on dating to a FB post where I posted a picture of one that I was going to read during vacation.

In a text exchange this evening he told me he’s been married before, he made some compliments which were totally compliments, and he asked me to text him tomorrow to provide an update on my vacation adventures. So if there is any clearer way to express an interest, I don’t know what it is like. I also realised that it must have been on his mind for at least awhile now. So I did get some unexpected backfiring from all the dressing up and acting up during my mooning over Andrew period! Whoa!

Now, what do I think of it? The guy is older than me (S.’s age or older – about ten years over me) – which is OK I guess. He gained some weight in the last few months (yeah, I did notice, but it means nothing) – but that’s fine too. He is reasonably good-looking, easygoing, fun to be around and positive – a good soul like he claims we both are. He’s romantic and nice and caring, which is awesome, for sure. His education level might be a bit lower than mine and his economic level as well – but I am not sure about that one yet. I say – give it a shot, even if it’s friends-with-benefits option or just a short-term rebounce arrangement – why to fuck not? I can have fun and then call it a day, can’t I? As long as we both make clear on where we are – for me it’s nothing serious at this point, had a try at serious, got burnt, no plans of that kind anytime soon.


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