Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one…

Interested in this whole thing. We’ve been texting for over an hour  – I started it, too, thinking that S. may call it a night early today – what with the time difference and travelling yesterday. I was telling something about my day, asking questions about his – regular blah stuff. All I’ve been getting back were one-liners. Fine, thank you, long day, yeah… No hint at any excitement about talking to me again, not to mention having missed me or – OMG, I must be totally insane to hope for that! – suggesting that we should get together again.

This whole thing might be my period talking – this morning I nearly lost it from disappointment-turned-madness when I sniffed out (literally) that my Dutch buddy had been smoking again, which was totally hormonal overreaction, but still, WTF?!!! I am giving it more time, don’t get me wrong. Doesn’t mean I cannot be disappointed or mad in the meantime though, does it?


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