Lengthy update

I didn’t realize I left my blog at that gloomy note!

G. and I went out on Friday, for an hour only, but still, we had a nice friendly chat, he also said if he hadn’t been elbow deep in a piece of equipment when I texted him, he would be jumping on the phone to say yes to my drinks invite. I also asked him if this wasn’t a rebound for him, absolutely not – was his answer. He texted me later that night, saying again it wasn’t a rebound, he was taking things slow and that’s why he said he was worried about the kiss on Tuesday. (He even remembered what day of week it was! I didn’t!).

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I guess I DO need to be careful

My gals will now probably go Told ya so! And yes, you did.

I woke up early this morning and texted G. I asked him what his plans were for tonight. Nothing special, he said, just relaxing. Then I said my bus (I am going away for a day) wasn’t until midnight and suggested we go out for drinks. And got nothing in response for about 40 mins. When I got to work, I pinged him for a smoke. He was busy, he said, but he would try. I told him to ping me whenever he was ready. 15 mins later I pinged him.

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Something I was able to pinpoint texting

You know, I think it’s rather G., cause when I went for the second round of dating, the two guys (I’m counting J. in) of the three I ditched weren’t bad, they had their flaws (lots of tattoos for one, too smooth for the other), but the more I think, the more I realize that the reason was probably they weren’t him. I’m not saying I will never get disappointed in the guy, but for now I feel like this is worth giving a chance. A gut feeling. It feels right.