Maybe it’s the annoyance from work talking

But it’s been about eight hours since S. landed in London. How hard is it really to hook up your laptop to the local free WiFi (it should be free, shouldn’t it?) and send a freaking one-liner to me? Yeah, there were no plane crashes in the news, so I would figure out he was fine on my own. But is it just me or when someone you care about asks you to do something for them and you say you will, you just do it? Otherwise you reject on the spot.

Even if sending a PM on FB is against the taking it slow concept we’re under for some unfathomable reason, just post something on your own page.

I also seem to be turning into a sexist – all my troubles seem to be coming from them – my ex, S., my boss, IT support guy at work, even my son! They all have one thing in common that I can come up with. The gals on the contrary, are doing me lots of good.


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