Me again

Today I am going for the second date with the British guy. He is so nice and funny, we have so many things in common, that I am quite hopeful about it. So much so that I suffered through doing my own manicure and pedicure! My budget is pretty tight at the moment, but I also bought a dress specially for this occasion.


British invasion

I went out with this British guy on Sunday. It was nice – the very first impression was controversial, but he is very nice, we have many things in common and he knows how to compliment without overkilling it. Yesterday we’ve agreed to go out this Saturday. He said he would come up with something. And then said that he too, would now be looking forward to the weekend more than usual. Aww. And that ACCENT!!!

Another day, another date

So I went out on a date that I had doubts about – like in – should I even bother kind of way. But I had a blast! The guy is a high school teacher (great job in the country!) and he is so fun, nice and easygoing! He lacks some self-confidence and he ain’t exactly Brad Pitt (as he said in one of his messages), not even a hotter version of Vin Diesel either – but he looks ok, and I should quit judging people by their looks – been there, done that.

We had a great night out, time flew by (not five hours, but three – still, long enough) and I agreed to meet with him again. Probably next Sunday.

Good thing about having a major crush

It makes all other dating not so stressful. (Yes, Andrew is in today after a week of absence. Me happy!  ^_^)

I am going for another first date tonight, not much hope there – the guy who says “I ain’t Brad Pitt” doesn’t have many chances with me – and not because I am expecting him to be (I ain’t Angie either), but because you just don’t say things like that to a gal.

BS keeps flying my way

Mr. Diesel keeps losing his scores with me – now it’s “oops, I mixed up things – I am working on afternoon shift this week, not days!”. Right. Whatever you say!

Had my five mins of pure fun with my work buddy – first when I told him I had a five-hours long date. Hiking. And then added “Only”. And he lost it. And then I was looking for a piece of equipment that one needs to climb ladder to reach. And he went – I’ll climb. Or you can climb and I’ll stare at your back. Ok, I’ll climb and you can look at my back! He is hilarious! I wish he weren’t married! LOL!

Spammer is back again!

That would be me. Well, he finally left the site about an hour ago. Also stopped answering my texts at about the same time. I might be totally wrong, but since he never mentioned the second date today (which he did three times yesterday), my theory is that someone more interesting to him resurfaced or showed up and now I am on the back burner. Doesn’t feel nice to be there either.

Another upd

Following my bi-friend’s advice I went on the site, five minutes there got a text from Mr. Diesel, been exchanging texts on and off pretty much all day now.

But then I do go on the site from time to time – just to keep him motivated so to say – and he’s always there! I wonder what one would do there all the time. Unless it’s just opened in one of the tabs in his browser and he checks it periodically.

The more I think of this whole concept of dating several people at the same time, the less I like the online dating idea. I am not being judgmental here – it doesn’t sit well with me personally. Period.

Aaaand I guess we can call it a day!

So I went and complained to my bi-friend. And he send me running to the site – the reasoning – should Mr. Diesel want you off the site, he’d better do something about it. I checked my emails and then checked his profile – and there he was, “Online Now” flushing into my face. Life’s unfair, I know, and I shouldn’t be overdramatizing the whole thing either – but darn, I didn’t have a spark like that for awhile now – like since Andrew crush I guess, and now that’s how it all is turning out. 😦