And then everything changed

If the last Thursday and Friday morning were the lowest low for me in a very long time, then the rest of Friday was glorious!

Shortly after I made the resignation announcement to my boss and submitted a notice, I was called into the manager’s office (the guy who runs the whole place) and asked if there were anything he could do to make me change my mind. After I listed my items, he said he would look into what he can do about it and let me know on Monday. He said he wanted me to stay as I were the smartest person in my department and a great worker in general. He also asked me to call Andrew as he wanted to talk to me as well.

Then my buddy called me into his office, said that he told Andrew to call me the day before and even reminded him several times. He dialled Andrew’s number and left. Andrew told me he couldn’t ask me to stay if I’ve made up my mind, but also said that I must understand that the plan for me was to replace my boss in a year or two as part of restructuring process that is under way. He said I’ve already learnt one piece of the job better than my boss and they’re just waiting for me to catch up on the rest! O_O He also said that should I want a corporate career instead, he’s already helped another guy pursue such and he would be happy to help me in that direction as well! He said that he felt my pain of working for a challenging person (he called him something like loonietoon), but that we all got such people to work with on our career path and had to deal with it. We agreed to talk in person on Monday – I want to hear out their counter-offer and meeting with him in person will surely help their case :))

My buddy brought me popcorn later that day and said he was glad things weren’t that bad for them anymore. Later last night I texted him and thanked for his efforts in arranging that husstle. He said he was sure he was not the only fan of mine at the office but surely the biggest one. :)) Ain’t he sweet! Told him he was my favourite one 🙂


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