Just LOVE my mom

– Make sure your next man doesn’t speak our language, honey, – she said. (She doesn’t speak English) LOL



Andrew saw me on my way out, came over and actually stroke my fur coat at the back of my arm! “It’s soft and minky!”, he said. I so wanted to say purr! at that moment, but there were too many witnesses around to behave that way.

Good old silly stuff

It’s what keeps me going or at least helps me lift my spirits. Andrew was in today and I believe I figured out his schedule (when he comes to our office) and was wearing a nice looking outfit for a change. He said he needed to talk to me and then came over touched my shoulder (mmm!) and said he had to reschedule for tomorrow morning thus both giving me heads-up to dress nicely and something to look forward to tomorrow too! Sweet!

My real stuff

Recently I had another “Let’s take a break” conversation with my husband. Among already used things of I-love-you and I’ll-kill-myself – the latter was dismissed by me this time around for the empty threat it is – I heard something new and exciting – he implied that he might withdraw his support for a certain sponsorship application I have in progress where he is a co-sponsor. I cannot say how mad I was in the moment he mentioned it!


LOTS of Andrew around these days. I just enjoy being in these meetings and watching him. Which doesn’t affect my ability to think straight anymore – what a relief! Also during the lunch today that I sort of got myself invited to (unintentionally), I though he was giving me a quizzical look now and then. Now I wonder what’s this all about…

Oh, and I had a dream with him in it last night, Nothing sexy or whatever, I just always figured out ways of getting near him on a series of adventures.

I don’t blog that much anymore

And Andrew is to blame – now that they’ve hired someone for the position he was covering for the last year or so, he is a rare sight at the office. Which in turn leads to my spirits being low and hopeless even.

But he is in today! And I managed to strategically locate myself so that he would get a nice view of my um lower back area. Without much hopes that he would take the advantage provided though. But judging by the look he gave me when I finally turned around, he might have! That look gave me creeps! It a good way 🙂 Like butterfly creeps.