Still down

My moods tend to be down in the late fall – when the snow is not yet covering the ground and it’s chilly, windy and miserable. It gets under my skin and makes me a disturbed grumpy person that I don’t like being. This in turn makes me even more miserable… Vicious circle.

My newly acquired friend and lunch buddy at work had her last day at the office today – she decided to move on after not a very long time with the company. I loved our time together and I’ll miss her positive attitude – I surely will need some of the stuff down the road.

No Andrew updates today – I guess he spends his Fridays at another office of ours.

Losing some steam here

The more I learn about Andrew the less passionate about him I grow. It’s not that there is something wrong, on the contrary – now I know for sure he’s married (the ring) and that he has a kid who attends a university…

It’s one thing to have a crush on someone you know nothing about, and quite a different thing when you start getting the details, especially when those details contradict the moral principles you’ve been sticking with for all your life. Stupid conscience, it knows hot to ruin all the fun!

Poking day :)

Today Andrew actually poked me. I was on the phone with my back to the entrance of my cubicle and he needed to get my attention So he poked me in the shoulder with his finger.

He also was running the morning meeting I recently started attending and boy, does the guy know how to make these meetings funnier.

So I made sure I made up a reason for me to attend these meetings going forward – the original plan was for me to come in only when my boss wasn’t able to attend.