Shit, shit, SHIT!

So Andrew asked me to do something for him last night. And exactly the moment he came by to check on me, I was on the phone with my boss! He left for the day telling me not to kill myself on the assignment. And again, touching my shoulder.

This morning was the first time when I came in without makeup. I slept in and was in a rush. I  decided he is never in until nine or so anyway and that I would have plenty of time to do the makeup. Of course, he was there early, and of course he got to see me face to face when I was on my way to the washroom to do the makeup. Argh!


Monday blues

Things keep developing the same way – i.e. not developing at all. I am growing tired of reminiscing on the oh-too short and oh-too few interactions with Andrew. But still, here we go – he was in today, we exchanged the regular how-are-you’s except for the fact that I turned away from him when he wanted to keep the exchange going for two more sentences of no importance. Fascinating and exciting, isn’t it? I thought not.

Not so merry Friday

No Andrew in sight yet again and my side effect keeps showing up bugging me with small talk. Oh, and I am gaining weight which saddens me. There is still a weak chance for this day to improve – Andrew might show up at the event later this afternoon, but I don’t believe it in earnest.

It’s been a good day yet again!

I guess I managed to get my emotions under control when I am around Andrew. Which in turn lets me operate normally – i.e., tease people, talk to him without being a total idiot and so on. A nice feeling I must say.

Today he laughed at my joke and came over to ask me how I was doing when everyone else has left. He told me he heard I had been doing great job and that I should keep up – and touched my shoulder when saying that. Now once he was gone I was overwhelmed – all my thoughts scattered and just sat there staring into space. Definitely a case of a severe crush!

Great day today!

I saw Andrew around a lot, we even had a short exchange – on work topics and on how I managed to spill coffee all over the floor (the machine is somewhat tricky)… He also was making fun of my boss when the dude tried to tease me.

Also, my attempts at looking sharp don’t go unnoticed – no compliments from Andrew since the dress colour incident, but other guys at work do check me out for sure! I haven’t this feeling for awhile and cannot say I don’t like it! Hopefully Andrew notices it too!

What’s so special about Andrew

This was the question I’ve been asking myself lately. He isn’t that attractive or young or whatever… But I guess that the same thing that I’ve always fallen for is true for him – he seems to really care about people who work for him. He makes an impression of a person who is ready to stick his neck out to stand up for his subordinates and that’s the best afrodisiac for me out there. Because his other traits – his success, his self-confidence, his sense of humour are not that hard to come by or special. At least to me.

A quick update on silly stuff – he hasn’t been at the office today, he was there yesterday all right, but I was slammed with work and the only interaction we had was him complimenting my sneakers (ugly things I sometimes have to wear at work). Oh, and him joking about how I should let my boss locked up in his office.